Naturopathy combines nutrition, supplement advice, western herbal medicine, flower essences, and supportive strategies to enhance your lifestyle. 
The aim for naturopathic medicine is to treat you wholly, making adjustments to the areas that you need within your life in order for you to be at your optimal health - mentally and physically.  The underlying cause affecting your health is addressed as well as the presenting complaint.

Just like all of Sian’s treatments, your goal is always the priority.

An appointment will involve a whole health and lifestyle assessment, including questions on family history, diet analysis, digestion, energy, stress and sleep hygiene. 
The consultation will provide you with a plan that incorporates your long-term goal, broken up into short-term goals. Depending on your goals you may have new easy meal ideas and a nutritional list of foods to start including and avoiding. If needed, you will be prescribed herbal formulas and/or nutritional supplements.


Initial treatment: $110.00
Sian will go through your diet and lifestyle and treat you with the tools in her belt that she sees necessary. Your goal is always Sian's priority when treating, working towards it in the best way you can.

Follow up treatment
(45 mins): $90.00